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My books tell our story. Great gifts too. Order today, be there well before Christmas.  Or better yet, have an e book sent to your favorite firefighter or medic’s device instantly.


Merry Christmas!



Rescue 911, tales from a first responder is a collection of short stories.

Rescuing Providence covers a thirty-four hour shift on Rescue 1 in Providence,  RI.

Rescue 1 Responding is the sequel to Rescuing Providence  and follows up where the first left off; twenty-four hours later, a thirty-eight hour shift.

City Life is a collection of short  stories written just after they happenned.

Mr. Wilson Makes it Home was written just after I left the job and tells the story of life beginning after leaving the fire service.

All books available at select bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most online retailers.

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  • Maureen E. McGann says:

    While I did not want to go public, I think the tragedy in Olneyville is far worst than any nightclub in the wrong neighborhood (South Main Street). A condemmed tenement with no running water and exposed electrical wires on the coldest night of the year. Terrible.

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