Not so Foxy


These places are not pretty, or glamorous, or sexy. Not even a little.

Funny how quickly the illusion of erotica and beauty is shattered by bright fluorescent lights. The girl, who moments ago captivated her crowd of twenty admirers with her sultry swaying, bleary eyed come-ons and spread legged suggestions didn’t look so good lying on the floor next to empty condom wrappers and mouthwash bottles. Her confidant stage swagger dissipated, as soon as the heroin entered her bloodstream, now just a simple girl, whose dreams were put on hold, overdosed, lying among the pubic hair, piss and who knows what other bodily fluid on the floor in the “Ladies Room” of a sleazy strip club in a sleazy part of the city full of sleazy people from all over.

There is no fun in this place. The women hold a temporary power over their admirers, but as soon as they leave the stage, or lap, of the people who pay not for their wit, charm, sexiness or personality, but rather her body parts, they become insecure, plain and boring once again. When they leave the club, their boyfriends count the money, score some crack or heroin and start to party. But the party was over a long time ago. Probably long before the girl ever entered the strip club and took off her clothes for a crowd of dead eyed men looking for a cheap thrill.

I hate these places.They destroy everything that is good about human sexuality and reduce it to body parts on a dying shell.

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