Social Media Mob Mentality

There is no movement. There is no conspiracy. There is no organized, brainwashed hostile cult of MAGA lunatics following their leader.

Groups of people roving the country looking for people who are not white, rich, heterosexual and conservative to do them harm exist only in the fantasies of disturbed people who gather on social media and promote anger, racism, hatred and discord.

People like me, a middle aged white guy who supports President Trump simply because his conservative philosophy toward government is most in line with my own do not harbor any ill will toward anybody.

Truth is, we don’t spend any time at all thinking about racism, bigotry, misogyny or any of it, unless we see it with our own two eyes, then we put a stop to it.

We simply don’t care if you are black, white, American Indian, rich, poor or identify as a man woman or a little of each.

That is the truth. If you want to waste your time obsessing about the injustice of it all be our guest, just stay out of our way, we have work to do.

The MAGA hat is the only thing other than apparrel with blatantly obscene, religious or antagonistic messages that I will not wear in public because I do not want to be attacked. That is not my America. This insanity was started by a social media mob, and is out of control.

Somebody has to put the brakes on before it’s too late. Might as well be us. 

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