EMS Week 2019

EMS Week . . .

There is something sacred inside the cab of the world’s ambulances; that small space that we inhabit after the smoke has cleared, the battles for life won or lost, babies delivered, lives changed forever and things we will never experience in the outside world.

The ambulance cab holds more

From Paramedics on Facebook

secrets than a church confessional. Never are emotions as raw, honesty so vivid, and life moments exposed, disseminated, cursed and glorified as they are moments after the call — when the only two people on earth have cleaned the truck, processed the necessary paperwork and left the hospital behind.

Those are the moments medics live for, when they can confide in another human being exactly how it feels without the risk of being exposed for being human. Those are the moments I remember. Those moments made it all worthwhile.

Image lifted from Paramedics on Facebook

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