Making the bed you lie in

We had bunks, and if we were lucky used them between the hours of 2300 and 0600. They were there for an unsanctioned rest as well, and I used mine every chance I could after a typical night on Rescue 1.

Six after was not unusual, four the norm and every now and then just two. In all my years at the station while assigned to Rescue 1 and then Rescue 5 not once were there no calls after midnight.

Those bunks were lifesavers during a twenty-four, thirty-four, thirty-eight or longer shift. And then there were those calls where I just needed a quiet place to process things before the next bell tipped.

A lot of people don’t get it, and use those bunks as weapons when contract negotiations get difficult, or talk radio needs a jolt of energy.

A lot of people don’t get the fire service either. Those are the ones that think it’s clever and fun to use the bunks for something they were never intended for, lazy reactions from lazy people who think the bunks are an affront to taxpayers and will never know how good it feels to have worked for, and earned the right to use one when needed.

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