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The more we give…

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“The more we give, the lighter our journey becomes” – Michael Morse November 30, 2019/RINewsToday by Michael Morse “What have you been up to?” I asked my friend (and co-worker), Stephanie. She was beaming, energized, and a bit dusty. “We just finished a fall clean-up for the nicest couple,” she said, her smile lighting up […]

Gathering the Feast

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Shop in your district, prepare your feast, enjoy the company of firefighters who truly understand the meaning of giving thanks and never apologise for doing so.     We love to eat. We love to cook. We love to visit the stores, familiarize ourselves with the district, interact with the people we are paid to […]

THE EMS 2020

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General Order 1, effective 1 Jan 20 @ 0800 hrs. I’m taking over EMS. I’m turning it into a national organization, and renaming it THE EMS. (pronounced like THE FBI, not The CIA) – New uniforms will be issued, black shirts and trousers, with a big yellow EMS in capitol letters emblazoned on the back, […]

Mutual Pandemonium

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Mutual Aid, well ain’t that great! Sounds great, but it ain’t. What it is, is one city or town saving money on the backs of other cities and towns. What it ain’t is some precursor to a nifty little consolidation of services plan that will save taxpayers millions while providing the same or better level […]

He just couldn’t

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Worcester Fire Department Lieutenant Menard died saving his crew while fighting heavy fire; believing a baby and another person were trapped.  It was a tragic end to a heroic battle. I’m certain that until the very last seconds he thought he would pull it off and be on his way to Disney when the shift […]

Another trip to Worcester

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I think of Worcester, Massachusetts as Providence, Rhode Island’s sister city – similar population, lots of wood frame, old structures and a top notch fire department.  Once again busloads of our firefighters will be descending on our sister city to show our respect for a fallen brother, and offer whatever support we can for the […]

Worcester LODD

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Jason Menard, WFD. He was thirty-nine. Died this morning fighting a fire in Worcester, Massachusetts. Left his wife, kids and parents. Saved his crew. Their wives, kids and parents will grieve, and mourn the loss of their husband’s officer, and console the men who got out, and will do their best to honor the memory […]

Veteran Firefighters

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There were some tough guys back then, back in ’91 when I was a new guy and didn’t say much. Guys in their mid forties, guys who also didn’t say much but for far different reasons, guys who got on the fire department before it was a sought after position were the heart and soul […]

BLS gets no respect

This morning’s column in The Providence Journal recalls a run of the mill BLS call that I responded to with firefighters from Engine Co. 14. (see yesterday’s post) BLS is anything but run of the mill. 80% of the calls I responded to were for people using EMS because they could, it’s the 20% that […]

Keeping the Fire in EMS

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“The time is upon us—the dedicated firefighter—be it volunteer, call, or union to advocate for the fire side of our profession while maintaining our EMS proficiency.”