He just couldn’t

Worcester Fire Department Lieutenant Menard died saving his crew while fighting heavy fire; believing a baby and another person were trapped.  It was a tragic end to a heroic battle.

I’m certain that until the very last seconds he thought he would pull it off and be on his way to Disney when the shift was over. I do not think he was thinking of his vacation, or even his family while doing the job, he was simply doing what his training allowed him to do. 

The nearly impossible. 

WORCESTER, MA – NOVEMBER 13: Fire personnel stand in line across from the McKeon Road fire station and Lt. Jason Menard’s turnout gear November 13, 2019 in WORCESTER, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Chris Christo/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

Firefighters die in the line of duty far too often, heroically or as a result of their heroics. Fifty-one this year alone.

The problem with firefighters is we all think we’re going to live forever, until it is abundantly clear we will not. When the ultimate sacrifice is made, all other options have run out.

I hope Lieutenant Menard’s family understands this, and that he had every intention of coming home.

But he couldn’t.  He just couldn’t. 

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