The Men in the Red Suits

One of my favorite Christmas Time traditions is the Advent Ghost Story collections. The rules are, 100 words, no more, no less. And the creepier the better!

This is my contribution for 2019, so pour yourself a cups, grab some gruel, lock up the kids and settle in for some spellbinding stories . . .

Anticipation filled the air, as thick as cholesterol filled blood oozing from a fresh wound. Christmas was coming, and it came every year. The day of reckoning was near.

Soon the men in the red suits would come, quick as a wink and silent as death. They would fill their sacks and return for more, not stopping until every bad little child was accounted for.

To the North Pole they would go, to work in the factories. Their families might miss them, but probably not. For they were warned all year that Santa was watching, they earned what they got.


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