This one’s for you, Doug. RIP Brother

Doug taught me how to play Norwegian Wood on this guitar. Back in the day, when I was Lieutenant of Rescue 1, Doug was assigned to Engine Co. 13, both quartered at the Allen’s Avene fire station. It was my station guitar, I’ve had it since eight grade, bought it for fifty bucks from my friend Al. I’m pretty sure it was liberated from the Junior High music room, but I never asked. Never will, either, Al jumped off a bridge in Tallahassee decades ago.

Me and Doug would sit in my office between runs, he’d teach me a little, and play a lot. Mostly Beatles songs, and we became friends. He was a solid firefighter, and great on rescue runs, having spent a number of years as a rescue technician on Rescue 1.

I haven’t seen him for years; just the nature of the job, we would die for each other when we’re part of the fire service, but once retired most go our separate ways.

We take with us the memories though, and I’ve been remembering Doug a lot, and how fortunate I am to have those memories.

Sincere condolences to his family and close friends. Rest in Peace, Doug, and keep an ear out, I’ll be playing some Beatles songs and thinking of those days when we could sit together and just listen.

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