The Fight

I’ve got three grandkids now, three people, all five years old, twins and a single, two months apart, two girls and a boy.

When they learn about the events of September 11th, 2001 it will be decades old. They might ask me if I remember that day, or I might be dead and gone by then.

But while I am alive, I will do everything in my power to exemplify who we were on September 12th. They need that. They need to know that the United States is far more than a geographic land mass. They need to know that Americans are not defined by political affiliation. They need to know that resentment and revenge are deadly poison.  They need to know that sometimes we have to fight, but everything is not about the fight; rather it is about the healing, and connections, the love and understanding.

It’s about peace. And the best way they will be able to find that peace is by seeing it in the actions of the adults who possess the ability to create strong, compassionate, fair and honest people.

It is the least I can do. 

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