We are wired for danger. Human beings were not designed to live in temperature controlled enviornments, artificial light keeping us awake when we should be sleeping and never fearing for our lives.

For our bodies to function as designed we need to feel extremes. Our DNA craves the molecular activity that our emotions create. Hormones such as Vitamin D and cortisol do not simply appear because we want them to. We need extremes to be at our best.

I never felt better than when I was confronted with life threatening situations regularly. I thought I was just weird, and thrived in difficult situations. Turns out I was simply doing what nature intended. By being part of a fire crew that regularly entered infernos, worked like mad then stepped into sub zero conditions when the fire was out I simulated the struggles our ancestors faced as part of their existence. They never knew when a grizzly bear would get them, or a tribe of warriors would ransack their villiage, or if they would run out of fuel for their fires.

Their lives were hard. Ours are soft. Unless, of course we figure out a way to make them harder. By doing so, we maximize our immune system, stimulate our brain function, improve our health and vitality and give our bodies a better chance of staying healthy.

But it is still up to us to do everything we can to not get killed while risking our lives. And that means wearing the gear, training and excercising when the opportunity presents itself.

To be hard, we have to live hard.

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