He died last night, fell off the side of his bed, tipped a lamp over and died on the floor. He was an old man, from the looks of things lived a simple life. His possessions were few, modest furniture, not a lot of clothes, just the necessities. We stood there after pronouncing him dead […]

Emergency Response for the Mentally Ill

The blinds separated, leaving an inch of blackness between them. Somewhere in the darkness two eyes peered out; they saw me, I couldn’t see them. “Rescue 1 to fire alarm, do you have a callback number?” “Stand by.” We stood on the snow-covered doorstep. No sounds came from inside. I knocked again. Nothing. “Rescue 1?” […]

Screaming Eagles/Hells Angels

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The view from the ramp of the Messer Street Fire Station, home of the Screaming Eagles, Engine 8 Tower Ladder 2 and Battallion 2. The Hells Angels are actually pretty good neighbors. « ? EmergiBlogs # »

Madison’s Class

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I had the pleasure of visiting my cousin, Madison's third grade classroom recently. She wanted me to talk about my experience as an author but her classmates seemed more interested in my experience as a firefighter. I only put a few of the kids to sleep, the rest tolerated my story and treated me well. […]


Don’t forget! Tommorow at Borders Bookstore from 1-3, booksigning and other fun! * Crysalis Angel makes a good point in the comments section. Big Dummy forgot to say where. It’s in Garden City Shopping Center, Sockanossett Crossroads, Cranston, RI. Thanks Chrysalis. If you want to read about real heroes, check out her blog, the link […]

Never Forget

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The president of Local 799, Paul Doughty asked me to be the keynote speaker at this years 9-11 memorial service at Police and Fire headquarters. It was short notice but I put the following words together just in time. I thought I would share them with you. It’s vitally important that we come together on […]

From “Rescuing Providence”

“Rescue 3 a still alarm.” The blow lights woke me before the PA system came to life. I looked at my watch through blurry eyes and was shocked to find that I had been unconscious for ten minutes. It felt like hours. When a call comes in to the Fire Alarm office, the dispatchers, after […]

Book Release

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My book is being released on October 1st. I think it would be a great idea to buy a copy for yourself, and everybody on your Christmas list! Thanks to everybody for your support. « ? EmergiBlogs # »

Providence Kick Ball League

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Just when I thought I had seen everything, The Providence Kickball League loses a player. She was running after a ball that had been kicked with abandon over her head when she fell forward, landing on her shoulder, possibly breaking her collarbone. Her teammates hovered over her while we immobilized her, first applying the cervical […]


Four adults had her pinned to the floor, each holding a limb. Her foster mother stood to the side shaking her head. "She'll be like this for hours," she said. The guys from Engine 12 stood back and waited for some direction. We are not trained or authorized to use restraints. The patient, a ten […]

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