A Power Within

http://www.susiehemingway.com/books/ Susie Hemingway”s book, A Power Within, Poems of Love came in the mail today. I plan on giving it to the Mrs. for Christmas. I can’t think of a better gift. I hid it in the basement after giving it a quick read. The quick read lasted over an hour, even though I had […]

Man-flu, Again

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXLHWmjA5IE I feel a sniffle coming on. Got my bell ready, phone nearby ready to call 911. Blankets piled high, remote ready. Batten down the hatches, man-flu is coming. I know, I already posted this, but the word needs to be spread about the pain and heartbreak caused by man-flu!


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The plan was to go to the beach and enjoy one of the last brilliant days of summer. Instead, we sat in front of the TV, shaking our heads when we could move them, calling friends and family and just feeling numb. An eerie silence smothered my neighborhood as the day progressed, the crystal clear […]

Rock On

I’ve been waiting. Every time I turn on the radio I listen for one of those roll down the windows, spark up a fatty, step on the gas, drive to the ocean rip off my clothes and dive into a wave rock anthems that make my ears bleed, face melt, heart beat faster and sing […]

RI Future

http://www.rifuture.org/diary/6945/because-fire-fighters-have-nothing-better-to-do I just saw this on RI Future. Thanks for noticing! « ? EmergiBlogs # »

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picket « ? EmergiBlogs # »

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Welcome to the Fourth edition of The Handover, Blog carnival. Thanks to Medic 999 for starting this. This can be a lonely profession. Fortunate are they who have a friend or partner to count on to listen when things go badly, or celebrate when things go well. We have established a community of people willing […]


" Dr. Watson," I adressed my companion," we have an elderly male lying on the floor in his rent subsidized apartment, dressed only in his blue, sailboat patterned pajama bottoms." I took a puff from my pipe and scanned the room. "Numerous large prescription bottles on the kitchen table lead me to believe this man […]

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