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Welcome to the Fourth edition of The Handover, Blog carnival. Thanks to Medic 999 for starting this. This can be a lonely profession. Fortunate are they who have a friend or partner to count on to listen when things go badly, or celebrate when things go well. We have established a community of people willing […]


" Dr. Watson," I adressed my companion," we have an elderly male lying on the floor in his rent subsidized apartment, dressed only in his blue, sailboat patterned pajama bottoms." I took a puff from my pipe and scanned the room. "Numerous large prescription bottles on the kitchen table lead me to believe this man […]

The Handover Submission Request

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In case you were not aware, I’m hosting this month’s blog carnival edition of The Handover. This month’s theme is “Partners.” Anybody who has a firefighting/EMS/nursing/medical/dispatch/police/patient/documentary/whatever else fits into the theme of Partners in the emergency services world blog and would like to have a post of theirs included should mail the link to me […]

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From the slightly scruffy author comes the slightly scruffy book! Paladin is offering slightly damaged books at half price. http://www.paladinpress.com/product/1108/94 « ? EmergiBlogs # »

Binghamton Shooting

Since starting this blog, Paramedic Supermonkey responded to a plane crash, Herbie at Pocono Paramedic, previously Brick City Blues had four kids executed in a schoolyard and now this. Stay safe out there everybody, thoughts and prayers to Chrysalis Angel who sent me this e-mail a little while ago, shortly after I heard about the […]

Happy Endings?

Prostitution is legal in Providence. Asian spas have blossomed everywhere, offering “sensual massage.” Every now and then the media does a story on the people behind the facade, subsequently the politicians make a little noise, then it all goes away. It never goes away for the people providing the service. I’ve read accounts of young […]

Dangerously Fun Stuff

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I’ve been reading The Paladin Press Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff for a few weeks now and have learned a few very important things, including, but not limited to How to Fight a Duel, Dealing with Potentially Violent Co-workers, How to Win a Knife Fight, How to Land an Airplane, and How to Become Invisible […]

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Another Award!

I hereby award myself “The Most Boring Blog” award for the month of August. I would like to thank everybody who helped make this the most boring blog in August, my people, their people, the people before them, and all of the other people. Thanks, people. My writers block seems to be clearing up, methinks […]

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