Anchor Baby

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My book, City Life is a collection of short stories that are a perfect summer, beach read. Here’s one from the book; Fifteen Body language, facial expressions, a few common words spoken are usually enough. So young, I thought, holding my index finger and thumb as if holding a card. She reached into her purse […]

June is PTSD Awareness Month

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I wrote this when I was nearing twenty. I made it twenty-five, but didn’t do much the last few years. I’m much better now…June is PTSD awareness month. By Michael Morse Twenty years ago I thought I would do this job forever. I had a dream: work until I was 60 and they threw me […]

EMS and Hunger

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“Rescue 1, Respond with Engine 12 to 167 Smith Street for a person choking.” “Rescue 1, Responding.” “Excellent,” I said to John, my partner for the day. He looked me out of the corner of his eye, pressed the button for the lights and flipped the switch that turned on the sirens. “It’s perfect,” he […]

Paramedic drinks the blood of his patients while searching for eternal life!

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My job, as a writer of articles for the internet audience is to get you to click on the link to the story I wrote. The best way to accomplish this task is by “baiting” potential readers. Headlines that don’t deliver on their promise are epidemic, leaving the reader feeling tricked and angry. But they […]

It’s not personal

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“You’re hurting me!” “I’m not hurting you, the handcuffs are.” “Then take them off!” “You keep swinging at us.” She had already taken one of us out with a kick to the groin. Three police officers and four firefighters assisted in the take-down. She had been harassing people at a grocery store, then running in […]

Have a Memorable Memorial Day

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  Please don’t wish me. “Happy Memorial Day.” Have a “Memorable Memorial Day” is much more appropriate. Remember to toast those that have preserved our freedom this Memorial Day Weekend; The Greatest Generation, the generations that preceded them and just as importantly, our generation. Seems like we have been at war, declared or otherwise since […]

Why Good Firefighters Cross-train with EMS

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By Michael Morse A good firefighter is a cross-trained firefighter. Members who know how best to be an engine company member AND a ladder company member are imperative to a well-run fire department. Anybody who has donned turnout gear knows this and prides himself on his ability to adapt to whatever task that needs doing […]

Armed Security for Fire/EMS

Entry Img As much as I hate the idea, I now believe that it is time to arm Fire/EMS. For years I preached that it is against everything that we stand for to be armed. It was my belief that our good intent would keep us safe for the most part, that the populace we serve […]

EMS Week 2017; EMS Strong, Always in service

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She sat across the room, 10, maybe 15, feet away. I don’t think she was aware that I was aware of her and her condition. Last week she told me that her due date was two days away, which made her five days overdue. She was uncomfortable, and so was I. I couldn’t relax. The […]

Do Not Resuscitate

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Moments to Remember 05/16/2017 I remember thinking, this decision could cost me my job. Then I remember thinking, this job might cost me far more… By Michael Morse It’s late, the hour, and the amount of time left for the man whose dying breaths fill the room. The dreadful sound of a person’s final moments […]

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