Chapter 25 at GoLocalProv

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People pull together when tragedy happens, sometimes. More often than not a cell phone call to 911 exonerates passersby, helps them think that they did the right thing. Now and then people get involved, and make a difference. In this chapter, two nursing students stopped on a busy highway to help a kid with a […]

Harvest Moon

Entry Img So…Neil Young. His were the first songs I learned, or more accurately, thought I learned some thirty five years ago. Three or four chord wonders, Am, G, E and C could get you through dozens of songs. They were fun to play, and easy, and a great way to feel like you were “getting […]

Veterans Day, 2016

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From great men are firefighters born. A peaceful and safe Veteran’s Day to all who served. My Dad, Robert Morse, (1928-1990) USN, Korean War Veteran, served on the USN Destroyer the USS Warrington.

Answering the call

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They’re in their late seventies, been together for forty plus years. One morning, he tells her he doesn’t “feel right.” A few hours go by, he gets worse, then gets so dizzy he falls. She calls 911, and when she finally gets to the fire department dispatcher tells him that she needs help. He asked […]

Just a kid on a stretcher

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A handful of calls among the thousands I responded to over a twenty-five year period stand out. I think of Emily often, she’s a teenager now, hopefully doing teenager things, but I will never know, her presence in my life was fleeting. Her memory is anything but. Sometimes the living haunt us more than the […]

Action matters

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I watched them come and go for decades; politicians, all dressed up nice, practiced smiles ready to flash, a pocket full of promises they had no intention of keeping unless it benefited them. They court the fire service, desperate for our approval, knowing full well that the public they so desperately seek approval from approves […]

They don’t. They die.

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I used to wonder how they managed to do it. Living on the streets of Providence, hot summer days, freezing cold nights in winter, nothing more than a few layers of donated coats and maybe a blanket to keep them warm, bottle of cheap vodka giving the illusion of comfort. They have forgotten any dreams […]

Active shooter vs. Sick elderly lady

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Active shooter Heroin overdose Armed firefighters Mass Casulty SWAT Medics These topics dominate EMS discussion on social media and EMS publications. Everybody wants to be something they ain’t. EMS is 99.9% taking care of sick, nice people. If you are looking for danger and excitement look somewere else, it is seldom here. The crashes and […]

Officers Down

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Two police officers were assasinated in Iowa last night, right in America’s heartland. There can be no middle ground, no conciliatory words, no acceptance; murdering police officers while they sit in their patrol cars is an action that needs to be condemned by every one of us, no buts, no protests, no rationalizations.     […]

The door

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…”Rescue 1 to Fire Alarm, start the police to this address.” “Roger Rescue 1, nature?” “Possible suicide.” I pushed the middle door. It gave a little but would not open. So I pushed a little harder. “Here he is.” It was now a crime scene, but I needed to confirm that the man was gone. […]

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