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Rescuing Providence, blog by Michael Morse

Rescuing Providence, Morse

I started this Blog in 2006, thinking people would be interested in learning what happens inside an advanced life support vehicle in Providence, RI. The stories I tell are true, names and locations get mixed around to protect patient’s confidentiality.

Also, because this is my blog I am able to tell most stories in a way that makes me look like a great EMT, compassionate and caring. Most of the time I am. I conveniently leave out the times I am not. But hey, it IS my blog!


  • Pat Blackman (Grandma Muggle.) says:

    I have always loved this blog and the resulting book “Rescuing Providence.” I say it is a treat to read as my English grandmother would have said. But hey. I AM the reader. LOL. Great job MIchael. You are the man.

  • tam says:

    Just wanted to say thanks! I recently discovered your blog and have been reading through some of your posts… I live in the UK and work for one of the ambulance services in a frontline position. I am not a paramedic yet, given few more years experience I would like to think it will be the next step.
    In the last few months I have found doing the job harder, bogged down by the politics and management interested in nothing other than targets and policy and less about patient care. I seemed to have lost sight of why we all do this job. Reading your blog has reminded me, doing this job is hard, some of the things we face no person should have to deal with but I consider it an honour to be doing it and hope that in every shift I do, I may be able to make someone’s day a little brighter… thank you for reminding me if this!

  • eric t. calabro says:

    hi, just finished the book, verey well written.  be safe out there, and all the best to lt  morse and family

  • Kevin says:

    Lt Morse
    As a PC Alumnus(91')  and a volunteer EMT I absolutely loved your book.  Great Job !!!!

  • Jim says:

    Received a copy of the autographed book for Christmas from my son-in-law Derek Lopez (Providence firefighter/EMT).  Read the book in two nights.  I used to think all of the stories he told me were made up… not any more!  I loved the book.  I also have the second book which I will begin to read tomorrow.  I.m an EMT from the 70's and I collect and restore Cadillac Ambulances.  Imagine working in one of those cars?  Jim (Worcester, MA)

    • Michael Morse says:

      Thanks, Jim, I’m glad you liked the book, it’s always great to hear, especially coming from somebody who has been there! I’m writing a vampire-paramedic story to keep myself amused, if you get a chance you might want to check out “Vampyro’s” which has a link at the top of the page. I think you will find Malcolm and Angus’s “ride” interesting!

  • H Peltan says:

    I am reading this blog from the UK, but used to live in New Enland, so like to keep in touch and follow whats going on.

  • Sarah says:

    I just ran across your blog for the first time this evening. I am currently a Paramedic student in Kansas. I have class tomorrow, but can't seem to stop reading your blogs and go to bed! Your stories are incredible and I can't wait to share this site with my other 18 classmates tomorrow morning. Finally, someone who tells it like it is instead of sugar coating everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Would love to buy your book and get it autographed if there is a way. Keep up the great work!

    • Michael Morse says:

      Thank you, Sarah, that is great to hear! There is always a way as far as autographed books, stay tuned, and thanks again!

  • Chris Buechele says:

    This blog,as Sarah stated,is a refreshing account from a seasoned provider about what we do prehospital. As an aspiring candidate for the upcoming entrance exam, I can’t seem to pry myself from the blog either. Keep up the great work Lt.

  • Great blog you have going here any Rescue Classes in the Providence area ? 

  • Rachel Ritchie says:

    Hey Mike,
    This is Rachel the tech at RIH. I am writing a paper for a RIC class on ETOH and RI laws. In either of your books, do you have a great discription of ambulanc triage at RIH-how insane it is? I want to use a description of ambulance triage at the start of the paper before I go into the laws.  If I use anything,  you will of course be acknowledged. 

  • Michael Morse says:

    Hi Rachel, I just posted a few things on the main page, hope that helps!

  • Kelly McGovern says:

    lt. morse, i am familiar with you from a long time ago ~ berkshire place! i was the activity director there and you had a family member who was a resident! nice to see what you have been up to sonce then! this blog and your work are very interesting!

  • Penny says:

    Hi Michael,   
    Does that woman still want her baby? If, not….I will adopt that child! That child needs, love, nourishment, caring, education etc.  Your stories are amazing! Thank you for all that you are doing! I also just came across your blog today.

  • Sheila says:

    Just found this on AOL.
    I now live in San Diego, but I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. I go home to visit family every couple of years. Seems like life there doesn't change…plus it's sooo cold in the winter.
    I appreciate that you share stories. I think a lot of us wonder what goes through the head of an emergency responder. It certainly takes a certain kind of person to deal with tragedy on a daily basis. I hope you find some joy in your work as well…

  • Perry Smith says:

    Just found your blog.Spent 30 years in fire/ems myself.Looking forward to reading your books.

  • Michael … Thank you for sharing your blog with me!  I can't wait to spend time reading more.  I've already got a Christmas list going for your books!  This is incredible!    Jill

  • Hi Michael,
    I am writing to you from HealthID Profile, Inc. located in Providence, RI. I am trying to get your email to write to you not in a post! Being a Rhody local we at HealthID would love for you to check out the newest in medical technology with our NFC medical bands that store all patient info and manage info! If you could email me with your contact informaiton that would be great! I love your blog and your writing samples are outstanding.
    Thanks a ton! I look forward to hearing from you!

  • . says:

    Try to get your email for few days now, im located in Providence ri. need to get sime tips regards local service, BTW loves your blog, pls share email so we can discuss

  • Michael Chisholm says:

    Lt. I am a FF/Paramedic in MA about 45 minutes North of the S Curves, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed both of your books and how I could not put them down once I started, hope you are able to find the time to write a couple more until then stay safe out there

  • Michael – I read your blog that ended up in UniformStories. I can relate, though to a lesser degree.

    I want to offer you a training (don’t us firefighters love training?) that will enable you to release the stress that keeps you up at night. It will help reduce PTSD, trauma, and stress, and you won’t need to talk about it or re-visit it in any way.

    If that sounds like it’s for you, contact me through the website.

    Leckey Harrison
    Firefighter/EMT with South Whidbey Fire/EMS
    Certified Level I Trauma Releasing Exercises Provider
    Co-founder, Raise Your Resilience
    Co-director, Whidbey CareNet

  • Hi Mike:

    Please know that I am not sure if you are the Mike Morse that went through 4 years at Bishop Hendricken with me, but if your are him, please indulge me.

    I hope that you remember me, Mike Coakley who was a quiet friend of yours throughout those years. Like me, you were always kind and very smart. (you would not remember this, but you turned me onto the Houses of the Holy from Led Zep amongst other great bands).

    The reason that I am writing to you is to say how proud I am of what you have done and accomplished! You are just a guy like me, who took a job and did his best. We were never the popular sports guys or academic accomplishments. However, we both married, had kids (and you have grand kids I am so jealous!) and realize what is important in our lives

    I have been married to a beautiful woman (Julie Coakley) since 1989. I have 2 kids, Alex (andra) who graduated from Westfield College 2 years ago with a degree in biology and is applying to Med Schools to be a doc! My son Jack Coakley is a freshman at UMass Dartmouth. I am self employed living in North Attleboro as an Insurance Broker. My job is to help and service people with disabilities, major health problems, etc. Like you, I am very happy and satisfied that I help people.

    I would love to know where you are in life. Kids, wife, grand kids?

    Lastly, (and I hope that you are the same Mike Morse that I knew in Hendricken), I just wanted to say that I totally share your values on family, society and life in general.

    Your old friend,

    Mike Coakley

    Cell (508-208-6468)

  • Bettie Gerard says:

    Michael, I just finished reading your books. I am very impressed by your writing ability; you gift for telling (real) stories. SUCH TALENT!

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

    • Michael Morse says:

      Hello Bettie, Great to hear from you and thank you for the kind words! Family is great and growing; twins for Brittany, baby girl for Danielle, three grandkids for Michael and Cheryl, all in a two month span, it’s a little nuts but all good:)

  • Pete L says:

    I am appreciative of the recent articles on unsuccessful calls and demons. It truly is a silent fight that few outside our profession understand.
    Insightful firefighter cartoonist Paul Combs recently published a drawing that echos your perceptions. Thanks

  • Janelle says:

    I just want to say thank you for your openness and honesty about mental health. It means a lot to me as a firefighter’s wife and a clinician. Praying for a day that more first responders are willing to open up and share what they go through. It’s an incredible job with lots of rewards but it takes so much from you. Please never stop sharing. Your blog is helping to change the stigma.

    We are currently centering our counseling practice to support first responders in RI allowing these people to come for help without fear or stigma.

    We wish well!

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