How do police prioritize 911 calls?

How are 911 calls prioritized?

Calls for police service are prioritized based on the severity of the crime, available units, and volume of calls. “Priority one” is the highest priority and officers respond with “lights & sirens” in an effort to arrive quickly.

What is the first priority on any call you respond to?

PRIORITY 1: Emergency call which requires immediate response and there is reason to believe that an immediate threat to life exists. PRIORITY 2: Emergency call which requires immediate response and there exists an immediate and substantial risk of major property loss or damage.

What is a priority 5 call?

(e) Priority 5: Calls that are routine, non-urgent or administrative in nature. These calls appear blue when pending.

How do you prioritize calls?

To set up priority call, one dials *61 and follows the instructions. To disable priority call, one dials *81.

What is a priority 2 response?

Priority 2 represents an Urgent call. Use of lights authorised and siren allowed only when passing through heavy traffic and clearing intersections. (Response time target is to attend to 90% of urgent calls within 25 minutes)

What is a priority in police?

Americans generally agree on the top three priorities for law enforcement: first, investigating violent crime like murder, assaults, and domestic violence (78%), second, protecting individuals from violent crime (64%), and third investigating property crime and robbery (58%).

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What are Priority 1 Calls?


These are calls where the immediate presence of the police is essential to have life, prevent serious injury, or to arrest a violent felon. These calls may require an immediate response from any available unit regardless of assignment.

What is a priority 1?

a. Priority 1: Life threatening or potentially life threatening emergencies. i.

How do you prioritize a dispatch call?

Anything in progress is top priority. A home burglary in progress is dispatched before a home burglary that occurred last night. Anything that is life-threatening also takes top priority. A fight with weapons (anything wielded against another person is considered a weapon) is dispatched before a verbal dispute.

What does Code 5 mean?

Usually, “code 5” means stakeout. So, when a cop says on the radio that they are “code 5,” they are essentially saying that they plan to be on a stakeout.

What is a priority 3 patient?

Priority 3 (Green) “Walking-wounded” Victims who are not seriously injured, are quickly triaged and tagged as “walking wounded”, and a priority 3 or “green” classification (meaning delayed treatment/transportation).