In what situations should a rescue call 911 before giving care?

When should you provide care before calling 911?

Call your local emergency number (Such as 911) if the person you are helping: Is unconscious, gasping for air or not breathing, experiencing an allergic reaction, having chest pain, having uncontrollable bleeding, or any other symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

In which of these situations should you call 911 right away?

A 911 emergency is when someone needs help right away because of an injury or an immediate danger. For example, call 911 if: there’s a fire. someone has passed out.

For which of the following situations should you call 911 or the local emergency number?

911 should be used for reporting fire, medical or police emergencies only. If the situation presents an immediate threat to you or someone else’s life or property, call 911 immediately!

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For which of the following situations should you call 911 or the local emergency number quizlet?

some of the situations that require an immediate 911 call are… –Unconscious or an altered level of consciousness’s, such as drowsiness or confusion. -breathing problems, trouble breathing or no breathing.

In what situations should a rescue call 911 before giving care?

Care First situations are likely to be non-cardiac emergencies, such as breathing emergencies or severe bleeding. When alone in these types of situations, provide care, (about 2 minutes) and then call 911. An unconscious victim less than 12 years old. Victim of submersion/near drowning.

How long should you give care before calling for help?

Care First (give 2 minutes of care, then call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number) for:

  1. An unconscious child (younger than about 12 years of age) who you did not see collapse.
  2. Any victim of a drowning.

For which injury or illness should you call 911 or the designated emergency number?

It is important to call 9-1-1 or the designated emergency number immediately if you think that someone is having signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

Under what conditions should you call 911 if you suspect someone is ill?

You also should call 911 if you have trouble seeing and have a bad headache, nausea or vomiting, numbness, weakness, dizziness, confusion, or trouble talking. If you have severe pain or irritation in your eyes, get emergency care as soon as possible.

What are the four life threatening conditions which we would call 911 for?

involve a loss of consciousness are always serious. And because the causes of unconsciousness include heart attack, head injury, stroke, diabetes, or shock—just to name a few—an unconscious person always needs immediate, emergency medical attention—call 911.

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When calling 911 Which of the following information should be given to the EMS dispatch?

An emergency call taker or dispatcher will ask for your phone number and location and will ask other questions to determine whether you need police, fire or medical assistance. You should not hang up before the call taker does.