Is a Cayman faster than a 911?

Is the Porsche Cayman fast?

The GT4 has a top speed of 189 mph with a manual transmission and a 0-60 mph time of 4.2 seconds. For the automatic, the top speed is 188 mph, and the 0-60 mph time is 3.7 seconds. The max power came in at 414 hp from the naturally aspirated boxer-six engine.

Is the Cayman the best Porsche?

Some would argue the 718 Cayman is Porsche’s best pure driver’s car, what with its rear-mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive layout. … Other sports cars have more power, but the 394 hp here is about as much as you can use on a real road.

Is the Porsche Cayman a supercar?

Porsche 718 Cayman: Supercar Performance at a Sports Car Price. The 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman has all the features of an ideal sports car. It generates the same physical and emotional driving excitement as a supercar, but at a fraction of the price. Porsche offers several powertrain options on the Cayman.

Is the Porsche Cayman better than the 911?

Is Porsche Cayman a good car? The Porsche Cayman is technically the entry-level option in the lineup. However, it is also considered to be better at handling than the 911. The Porsche Cayman is ready to take on the track due to the low center of gravity and mid-engine design.

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What model is the poor man’s Porsche?

For this reason, the Boxster was nicknamed the ‘poor man’s Porsche’ because only those who couldn’t afford a Carrera bought one. The second camp of Boxster owners were females.

What is a poor man’s Porsche?

The term ‘poor man’s Porsche’ is commonly used to describe a separate, cheaper brand that offers a comparable experience. But there may be cars made by Porsche that can claim that title as well. … But cheap cars are the reason Porsche themselves are still in business today.

Is it expensive to own a Porsche Cayman?

How Much Does the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman Cost to Own? The 2018 Cayman’s five-year costs for gas, insurance, repairs, and maintenance are projected to be around $34,560, or $6,912 per year. That’s well below-average among luxury sports cars.

Is Porsche Cayman worth it?

The Porsche Cayman is a highly desirable entry point to Porsche coupe ownership. It’s a superb small two seat coupe that handles nicely, is well balanced and looks like a Porsche! … The ride quality and handling has improved through the versions, but even the original Cayman is nimble and bags of fun to drive.

What is the best year for Porsche Cayman?

The 2008 Porsche Cayman looks and feels like something well into the $30,000 or even $40,000 price range, but it can be found for as low as $20,000 at some dealers. Kelley Blue Book recently published a list of the 10 best used sports cars below $20,000. Surprising no one, the 2008 Cayman topped the list.

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What kind of car is a Cayman?

Porsche Boxster/Cayman

Porsche Boxster Porsche Cayman Porsche 718
Class Sports car (S)
Body style 2-door roadster (Boxster) 2-door fastback coupé (Cayman; 2005–present)
Layout Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Related Porsche 911 Ruf RK Spyder

Is the Porsche Boxster a supercar?

It might be tempting to head straight for the million-dollar supercar league and scratch that Ferrari or McLaren itch, but trust us on this one: The Porsche Boxster (or preferably the Boxster S that TODAY drove this week) is the perfect starter sportscar, a crucial first step into the world of supercars.