Question: Can you call 911 for a sprained ankle?

When should you call 911 for a sprained ankle?

Call your provider if: Swelling does not start to go away within 2 days. You have symptoms of infection, including red, warm, painful skin or a fever over 100°F (38°C). The pain does not go away after several weeks.

Can I go to the emergency room for a sprained ankle?

Go to urgent care if your pain level and swelling is significant and you have difficulty walking, to the point that you need assistance, due to the pain. Go to the emergency room if your foot is bruised, deformed, or you are unable to walk at all. You may have a fracture, broken bone or serious ligament damage.

Who do I call for a sprained ankle?

You may be treated in the emergency room and sent home with instructions on how to care for your ankle. If the injury is severe or the doctor is concerned about complications, you may be referred to see an orthopedic specialist or an orthopedic surgeon.

What does a Grade 2 ankle sprain look like?

Grade 2: A more severe sprain, but incomplete tear with moderate pain, swelling and bruising. Although it feels somewhat stable, the damaged areas are tender to the touch and walking is painful.

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How can you tell how bad a sprain is?

Your doctor likely will put your sprain at one of three “grades” based on the amount of damage:

  1. Grade 1: Your ankle will probably feel sore and may be slightly swollen. …
  2. Grade 2: You have a partial tear in the ligament. …
  3. Grade 3: This is a full tear of the ankle ligament.

Does Urgent Care look at sprained ankles?

Mira’s research indicates that imaging tests are among the most common diagnostic measures for sprained ankles. You can treat your sprained ankle at various urgent care centers. At urgent care locations, treatment for sprains costs between $180 to $240.

Can walking on a sprained ankle make it worse?

Yes. That’s the very short answer. According to the National Association of Athletic Trainers, ankle injuries, including sprains, are very often undertreated. Ignoring treatment, including excessive movement of the ankle through unnecessary walking, leads to a greater risk of worsening the injury.

Should you go to ER for broken ankle?

If you suspect a fracture, you should call your doctor or go to a hospital’s emergency department immediately. You can do the following until you can get to a hospital or doctor’s office: Stay off the injured ankle so you do not injure it further. Keep the ankle elevated to help decrease swelling and pain.

Is my ankle sprained or rolled?

A sprained ankle is similar to a twisted ankle but to a greater degree. When you sprain your ankle, it means you have stretched, and possibly even torn, the ligaments of your ankle. If your ankle is swollen, bruised and painful after you twist it, then you have most likely sprained it.

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Can you walk on a sprained ankle?

Do not walk on a sprained ankle. The inflamed tissue needs time to heal, and walking on it too soon may cause more damage. Ankle sprains are common musculoskeletal injuries that can occur from playing sports or from everyday activities.