What is a device code for active 911?

Why is my active 911 not working?

First, you can try this quick trick within the Active911 app: • Enter Active911 app > Menu > Settings > Connection to Active911 • Tap on Connection to Active911 5 times, until you see Renewing GCM Token • Tap on Connection to Active911 3 times, until you see Reregistering with Active911 If that doesn’t work, here are …

How do I hide my location on active 911?

Go to Settings, then Privacy, then Location Services. Make sure it is turned ON. Scroll down to Active911 and make sure that it is turned ON as well.

How do I get alerts on active 911?

Android App Settings

  1. Tap the ‘hidden’ Connection to Active911 button five times quickly. A banner will flash on the screen that says Renewing GCM token.
  2. Wait a few seconds, and then tap the button again 3 times quickly. This time, the banner will say Re-registering with Active911.

What is Active911?

Active911 is an alerting app that links your smartphone to CAD so you get alerts, routing, and incident updates. Watch personnel and find assets on the ground on real time. … More assets and personnel, too.

How do I get active 911 on my computer?

Basic Setup

  1. Download the PC app installer here.
  2. Check with your IT staff that port 5222 is open and allowed through firewalls in order to receive alerts and updates from other devices. …
  3. Once installed, open the Active911 app and enter your device code.
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Does active 911 track your location?

Peeka, We have a setting with in the Active911 app’s settings to set the location to always on. You would select “Precise Location.” This will always show the location of the device. The only thing is that, the location will drop off the map, if the device is stationary for about 5 minutes.

What is foreground GPS?

Foreground GPS

Having this turned on means that your device will only show on the map when you have the app open on your device. You will still get routing even if you turn this off. If you choose to turn this off, you will not be seen on the map and you won’t get routing to an alert in the app.