Where is the Devon Air Ambulance kept?

Where is the Devon Air Ambulance?

We have two airbases; one based at Exeter Airport, one based at Eaglescott Airbase in mid-north Devon. Our Exeter-based helicopter is equipped to fly during the hours of darkness.

What Colour is Devon Air Ambulance?

Colour scheme table

Charity: Where to see it: colour Scheme:
Devon Air Ambulance Devon Red, Blue
Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Dorset, Somerset Yellow
East Anglian Air Ambulance East Anglia Yellow
Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Essex, Herfordshire Red, Yellow Markings

How many ambulances are there in Devon?

The service is headquartered in Exeter, Devon. It has 96 ambulance stations and six charity-operated air ambulance bases within its area.

South Western Ambulance Service.

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Population 5.5 million (2018)
Establishments 96 Ambulance Stations
Budget £227.6 million (planned, 2018–19)

Where is the East Midlands Air Ambulance based?

Midlands Air Ambulance

Abbreviation MAAC
Type Charity
Location RAF Cosford, Shropshire Tatenhill, Staffordshire Strensham, Worcestershire
Region The Midlands and part of the South West
Key people Hanna Sebright – CEO

How much does an air ambulance helicopter cost UK?

EC135 Helicopter

EC135 Helicopter
Top speed 140 knots (161mph)
Maximum take-off weight 2,950kg
Cost £4.5 million
Length 12.16m

Does Cornwall Air Ambulance fly at night?

The helicopter and crew can fly in darkness using a specialist Synthetic Vision System, powerful searchlights and advanced mapping systems. The AW169 has some of the most advanced navigation capabilities in the industry.

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