Why is it important to give way to ambulance?

Why is it important to give way to the ambulance?

The average time for an ambulance to reach hospital is going up each year due to increasing urban traffic congestion. As the ambulances play a pivotal role in saving patients in an emergency, giving way to them is an important responsibility of every citizen. … Also, tailgating the ambulance should be stopped.

Why is it important to give way?

Every second counts when firefighters are called out to an incident, which is why it is vital for people to give way safely when an emergency vehicle such as a fire truck approaches. … An emergency vehicle is a vehicle with flashing blue or red lights.

Should you give way to ambulance?

Many motorists don’t realise letting an ambulance pass in some instances could land you with a hefty fine. … The Highway Code states you should give way to vehicles with flashing lights – including ambulances, police cars, fire engines and emergency doctors.

Why does a fire truck always accompany an ambulance?

Why do both a fire truck and an ambulance always show up for a medical emergency? … To ensure the highest level of care, LFD sends the closest fire engine (staffed with a minimum of three personnel) or squad (staffed with a minimum of two personnel). Williamson County EMS sends an ambulance (staffed with two paramedics).

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Should a fire truck give way?

When you hear a siren or see the flashing blue or red lights of an emergency vehicle, you must give way so it can pass. You may need to move to the left, stop or pull over out of the line of traffic.

What does Siren stand for?

SIREN. To protect the safety of officers, emergency crews and everyone on the road, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) uses the acronym SIREN: Stay Alert – Pay attention, keep the noise level low in your car and look for more than 1 emergency vehicle approaching when you hear a siren.

Why should you stop if there is water on the road?

Water on the road

If you drive too quickly through a puddle you risk the car aquaplaning or sliding and becoming uncontrollable. If water over the road could be too deep for your vehicle, stop and check the depth before driving any further. … If water has reached the brake linings, the brakes will not be as effective.

What does the acronym siren stand for in driving?

The “S” in the acronym S.I.R.E.N. stands for Stay Alert.