Can you buy an ambulance in GTA?

How do you steal the ambulance in GTA?

Heist Objectives

  1. Go to [Location].
  2. Wait for the Ambulance. ( if the player calls 911)
  3. Steal the Ambulance.
  4. Lose the cops.
  5. Deliver the Ambulance to the Facility.

How do you activate the ambulance in GTA 5?


To start using this mod you have to get into an ambulance and press 2 — the missions will start. Be quick and careful or the patient will die before you arrive or even in your ambulance! The rewards scale with level and patient’s health on arrival.

Can you buy an ambulance in GTA?

The Ambulance cannot be acquired in GTA Online. It can’t be stored as a personal vehicle in the player’s Garage.

What do you steal in the doomsday heist?

Recon – The crew must take photographs of the Pacific Allied Shipyard, so they can have an analysis of the site where the deal is going to take place. Chernobog – The crew must steal a Chernobog ballistic missile truck from a Merryweather site, so they can use it to defend agent ULP.

How do you unlock Deluxos prep?

Unlocked by

Setting up Act I of The Doomsday Heist.

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