Can you put a baby seat in a Porsche 911?

Can you fit baby seat in Porsche 911?

There are certain cars you just don’t associate with children and families; the Porsche 911 is one such car. … Now, Porsche does offer their own baby seat that fits perfectly in the back of the 911. In conjunction with Tequipment, Porsche Design offers rear- and front-facing baby seats, as well as a booster seat.

Does a Porsche 911 have Isofix?

As standard, each 911 has six airbags and side-impact protection beams integral within the side door structure. There’s also a single Isofix child seat-mounting point on the front passenger seat.

Does Porsche make child car seats?

Porsche Child seats¹

The Porsche child seats can be fixed conveniently and safely using a preparation kit or the three-point belt system. For increased safety, the Porsche Baby and Porsche Junior Seat ISOFIX have an independent five-point belt system.

Does Porsche Macan have Isofix?

Safety. Those buying a Macan with family in mind will be pleased to discover it has a five-star Euro NCAP crash safety rating and comes with two Isofix child seat points in the rear as standard.

Can you put baby seat in Porsche Cayman?

The Porsche G0+ ISOFIX baby seat base achieves optimised protection thanks to the ISOFIX mountings in conjunction with the G0+ baby seat. Note: This is baby seat base only and requires seat no 95504480294 which has to be bought separately.

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Does Porsche 996 have Isofix?

Description: Baby Seat Isofix G0+, for children from 0 to 13 kg (or 0 to 9 months) with latch plate for traverse airbag deactivation; for use in front on Porsche 986 (Boxster) and Porsche 996 (1997 to 2005).