Do PCT work in the ER?

What does a PCT do in the emergency room?

PCTs help patients with procedures such as taking vital signs, performing electrocardiography (ECG), blood draws and other needs.

What do ER patient care techs do?

Emergency Room Technician Job Summary

The emergency room technician collects samples for lab analysis, gathers patient information, monitors EKGs and heart rhythm, treats wounds and assist doctors and nurses during procedures.

What is a PCT in a hospital setting?

A patient care technician (PCT) typically performs clinical and office tasks. Having this broad skill set enables them to assist with patient services as well as administrative tasks. A patient care tech offers a unique combination of skills to support doctors and nurses as they care for patients.

Can a PCT work as a medical assistant?

Both medical assistants and PCTs require to have at least a college degree and complete a training program. However, medical assistants are not licensed individual unless they want to become certified medical assistants. PCTs need to pass a patient care technician/assistant exam and earn this certification.

Where can a Cpct work?

Patient Care Technicians are one of the fastest-growing roles in healthcare today! PCTs generally work in the hospital, intensive care unit, emergency room, cardiac care unit, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes.

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What other jobs can a PCT do?

Other career paths for patient care technicians include dialysis technician, emergency room technician, rehabilitation technician, behavioral technician, doctor’s office technician, and general hospital patient care technician.

How much does an ER tech make an hour?

ER Tech Salaries

Job Title Salary
Banner Health ER Tech salaries – 11 salaries reported US$15/hr
Memorial Hermann Health System ER Tech salaries – 6 salaries reported US$22/hr
Baylor Scott & White Health ER Tech salaries – 5 salaries reported US$18/hr
Northside Hospital ER Tech salaries – 5 salaries reported US$17/hr

What qualifications does an ER tech need?


  • 18 years old.
  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Current cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification.
  • Completion of a CNA or EMT educational program.
  • CNA or EMT certification.
  • Be able to function accurately, professionally and compassionately under pressure.
  • Have a sufficient level of physical and mental conditioning.

Is an ER tech the same as a CNA?

EMTs and CNAs are both entry-level healthcare positions, but they are different and one is not necessarily higher/better than the other. EMTs are trained in basic pre-hospital emergency medicine, while CNAs are trained to assist with healthcare in a hospital or clinic setting.