Does the kid on 911 really have cerebral palsy?

Who is the little boy with cerebral palsy on 911?

11-year-old actor Gavin McHugh plays Christopher Diaz, the beloved son of Army-medic-turned-firefighter Eddie Diaz (Ryan Guzman). The child actor, who lives with cerebral palsy, is part of a new wave of talent looking to advance onscreen disability representation in Hollywood.

Does Buck save Christopher?

In “Sink or Swim,” Buck saves Christopher and several other people from being swept up in the rushing water.

How long can you live with severe cerebral palsy?

Generally, children born with cerebral palsy can expect to live between 30 and 70 years on average. Those with the longest life expectancies usually have more mobility, better medical care and adaptive equipment and greater autonomy and independence. There is no cure for cerebral palsy and the condition lasts for life.

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