How do I request 911 records in Missouri?

How do I get a 911 record in Missouri?

A: You may email, mail, or fax your Public Records Request; however, using the Public Records Center is the preferred method for making a request. Please contact us at 573-526-6146 option 2, to discuss the best option for you when making a request.

Are 911 calls public record in Missouri?

The information that is generally available or open regarding a 911 call is the “incident information” – the date, time, specific location, and immediate facts and circumstances of the call. The recording is inaccessible to the public. Section 610.150, RSMo.

Are police reports public record Missouri?

Public records, defined in Mo. … Both arrest reports and incident reports — any record with the date, time and location of an incident and the name of the victim with whatever facts surround the the incident — are open to the public.

Are police dispatch records public?

Tape recordings of calls made to the 911 number constitute public information. … Such records are subject to public disclosure even if they are held by a “911 network district” established under the Emergency Communication District Act.

How do I request public records in Missouri?

If you would like to make a Sunshine request to obtain records from our office, please email If you would like to make a request from another public governmental body you will need to contact the agency that created and/or retains the public record you would like to inspect.

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Are court records public in Missouri?

The State of Missouri Judiciary offers a website called to provide free public access to case information. … Case information is immediately available through the internet. Confidential court records are not available to the public on or through the court.

How do I get my 911 transcript?

You can make 911 records requests verbally or in writing to the specific agency that holds the records, such as local law enforcement departments. The best practice is to compose a written request that provides as much information identifying the call as possible.