How long is a pediatric emergency medicine fellowship?

How much do pediatric emergency medicine fellows make?

Salary Ranges for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows

The salaries of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows in the US range from $59,197 to $68,480 , with a median salary of $66,222 .

How many pediatric emergency medicine fellowships are there?

Number of programs

To date, there are more than 70 PEM fellowship opportunities. Programs are added to the EMRA Match database and the AMA Residency & Fellowship Database as they become available.

What is Pediatrics emergency medicine Fellowship?

The program includes rotations in pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric critical care, anesthesia, trauma, toxicology, child abuse, emergency medical services and adult emergency medicine. Emergency medicine faculty research interests can be explored on our division website.

How much do emergency medicine fellows make?

What Is the Average Emergency Medicine Fellowship Salary by State

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay
California $161,707 $13,476
Oklahoma $160,324 $13,360
Vermont $158,200 $13,183
Arkansas $157,735 $13,145

How much do em fellows make?

The salaries of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellows in the US range from $40,402 to $60,602 , with a median salary of $50,502 . The middle 67% of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellows makes $50,502, with the top 67% making $60,602.

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Which pediatric subspecialty makes the most money?

Nomad Health, an employment website for healthcare professionals, lists annual average salaries of pediatric sub-specialties from $185,892 to $412,100. The highest-paying pediatric specialists are typically surgeons.

Do you need a fellowship for emergency medicine?

“For emergency medicine, you don’t need to a fellowship. … Learn the top five factors fellowship program directors look for in applicants.

What are the fellowships in emergency medicine?

Emergency Medicine Fellowships

  • NIH Funded Clinical Informatics Fellowship.
  • Critical Care Medicine EM Fellowship Pathways.
  • EMS/Disaster Medicine Fellowship.
  • Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship.
  • Medical Toxicology Fellowship.
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship.