How wide is UK ambulance?

How wide is a UK ambulance?

Type 3 Ambulance Models Specs

MX 151 MX 170
Overall Width* 88″ (223 cm) 95″ (241 cm)
Overall Height** 103″ (262 cm) 103″ (262 cm)
Headroom 68″ (173 cm) 72″ (183 cm)
Wheelbase 138″ (351 cm) 158″-159″ (401 cm – 404 cm)

How wide is the average ambulance?


Ford E450 Gas Chevy G4500 Gas
Wheel Base 158″ 159″
Overall Length 272.75″ 279″
Overall Width 98″ 98″
Overall Height 106.5″ 106.5″

How wide is an ambulance in feet?

12 ft Emergency Vehicles

12 ft. 14 ft.
Module Length 144” 168”
Module Width 96.25” 96.25”
Module Height 90.5” 94.5”
Interior Headroom 67.5” 71.5”

How wide is an emergency vehicle?

1.1 Emergency vehicle access roadways under the jurisdiction of DSA shall be a minimum of 20 feet wide and have a minimum vertical clearance no less than 13 feet, 6 inches as prescribed in CFC Section 503.

What is the interior height of an ambulance?

5. While a height of sixty inches (60″) is preferable throughout the interior of the emergency vehicle, the minimal height should be at least fifty four inches (54″) from floor to ceiling.

What is the turning radius of an ambulance?

Select Vehicle Dimensions and Turning Radii

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Symbol Design Vehicle Type B. Minimum Inside Turning Radius (ft)
SU Single Unit Truck/Ambulance 28.3
BUS-40 Intercity Bus 27.6
A-BUS Articulated Bus 25.4
WB-40 Intermediate Semitrailer 19.3

How big is an ambulance gas tank?

FUEL TANK 40 Gallon Aft-of-Axle (Std.) 40 Gallon Aft-of-Axle (Std.) 40 Gallon Aft-of-Axle (Std.) SHOCK ABSORBERS 1.38″ HD Gas-Type, Front and Rear 1.38″ HD Gas-Type, Front and Rear 1.38″ HD Gas-Type, Front and Rear SPRINGS, FRONT COIL (lbs.)