Is an infected toe an emergency?

When should you go to the ER for an infected toe?

SEE A DOCTOR: If you have any worrisome symptoms like unbearable pain, unusual swelling, pus, odor, or warmth in the affected toe and its surrounding area, have a doctor take a look. An emergency room can remove ingrown toenails if necessary.

Should I go to the hospital for an infected toe?

Call your doctor if your toe is red, warm, swollen, or drains pus, or if there are red streaks leading from your toe. Your doctor might give you antibiotics. If your toenail is very ingrown, your doctor might suggest minor surgery to remove all or part of the ingrown nail.

What happens if you leave a toe infection untreated?

This can lead to worsening pain and even fever. In some cases, an untreated ingrown toenail can spread the infection to the bone beneath the nail. And, if the infection continues to be left untreated, it can even enter the bloodstream and cause a serious condition, such as sepsis or gangrene.

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Are toe infections deadly?

When an infection spreads, it can impact your foot function, and even contribute to tissue death. This effect is called gangrene, and it’s a life-threatening condition that could lead to a limb amputation.

What will a doctor do for a infected toe?

How Is a Toe Infection Treated? If bacteria caused the infection, an antibiotic cream or pill can clear up the problem. Fungal infections are treated with antifungal pills or cream. You can buy antifungal medicines over the counter or with a prescription from your doctor.

Can an infected toenail make you sick?

Unfortunately, some ingrown toenails can lead to serious health risks that require immediate medical attention. Pain is only part of the problem, with the risk for infection being the largest concern. Left untreated, an infection caused by an ingrown toenail can lead to serious illness, amputation, and even death.

How do you get an infection out of your toe?

Soak your toe in a warm foot bath with unscented Epsom salt.

Always dry your foot completely after soaking. Soaking your ingrown or infected toe will help relieve the pain and pressure of an infection. It can also help to draw out pus from your toe. Keep your feet dry, unless you’re soaking them for treatment.

Will an infected toe heal itself?

Will an Infected Toe Heal Itself? An infection can sometimes go away on its own, but it may need treatment. If you have diabetes, and redness and swelling don’t go away or have painful joints or muscles, you should see your doctor.

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How long do toe infections last?

If after 2 to 3 days of antibiotics the toenail doesn’t get better or gets worse, part of the nail may need to be removed to drain the infection. With treatment, it can take 1 to 2 weeks to clear up completely.

Can you get sepsis from an infected toe?

Even a particularly bad ingrown toenail that becomes infected can lead to sepsis, he says, although that is not a common occurrence.

Can toenail fungus be life threatening?

Although fungal nail infections are not life-threatening, they’re an important health problem because of their high prevalence and poor response to therapy.