Is Sierra McClain leaving 911 Lone Star?

Who is leaving 911: Lone Star?

Actor Derek Webster’s exit from the show wasn’t entirely surprising, especially after he was cast in Lee Daniels’ straight-to-series Fox drama Our Kind of People, but his character’s death still wasn’t a foregone conclusion. …

Is Grace from 911: Lone Star leaving?

She expressed concern over Grace expecting a baby while still reeling from the accident’s trauma and injuries, but she was overall excited to see Grace step into parenthood. So fans can expect McClain to craft a new side to Grace’s character on ‘911: Lone Star,’ as she is not leaving the series anytime soon.

Does Judd die in 911: Lone Star?

While we expect the emergency team to do their due diligence, it’s always possible that one or both of them might not survive. As we learn in the following episode, the mid-season premiere of 9-1-1: Lone Star, Judd woke up just fine in the hospital, so at least he survived.

Why did Tommy leave Lonestar?

Let’s start with Tommy, who began the hour by deciding to resign from her position in order to care for her daughters at home. (Charles’ life insurance turned out to be “more than she expected,” affording her the chance to become a full-time mom.)

Why did Natalie Zea leave Lonestar?

She is also trying to locate her sister Iris, who has been missing for three years. It is revealed in the second season that she left the 126 to help homeless mentally ill people like her sister. Ronen Rubinstein as Tyler Kennedy “TK” Strand, a firefighter with the 126.

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