Quick Answer: What is the first lesson in any emergency?

What do you do first at an emergency scene?

First Things to Do in Any Emergency

Access the scenario for danger. Decide whether it is safer to evacuate or shelter-in-place. Once safely evacuated or sheltered-in-place, call for help using 911 and clearly explain what you know about the situation. Provide first aid for any injured people.

What is the first thing that the first aider do in case of an emergency?

The first thing to do is make sure the injured person stops any unnecessary activity so they don’t make the injury worse. Then you can begin first aid.

What is the first action to take in any medical emergency?

call 999 as soon as possible and ask for an ambulance. treat any obvious injuries. lie the person down if their injuries allow you to and, if possible, raise and support their legs. use a coat or blanket to keep them warm.

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What are the 4 emergency action steps?

First Aid Steps

  1. 1 Before administering care to an ill or injured person, check the scene and the person. …
  2. 2If the Person is awake and Responsive and there is no severe life-threatening bleeding:
  3. 3 If the Person Appears Unresponsive:
  4. 4 If the person is breathing:
  5. 5 If the person is NOT breathing:

What is the emergency action plan?

An emergency action plan (EAP) is a written document required by particular OSHA standards. [29 CFR 1910.38(a)] The purpose of an EAP is to facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies.

What are the 5 steps to scene safety and assessment?

Five Steps to Scene Safety

  1. Be prepared. Half of scene safety takes place before you go on shift. …
  2. Look, listen and feel is not just for breathing. What do you see and hear? …
  3. Set yourself up for success. …
  4. Be present. …
  5. Assess your patient threat potential.

What do you do in an emergency scene?

SLOW DOWN as you approach and pass the incident. Remain alert for unexpected occurrences, as this is a different situation than normal roadway driving. MOVE OVER any time you approach a stopped emergency vehicle. Move your vehicle over a lane away from the incident, as long as it is safe to do so.

What are the steps of emergency scene management?

There are 4 stages of Emergency Scene Management – Scene Survey, Primary Survey, Secondary Survey and Ongoing Assistance. Understanding these steps and making sure they occur in the same order in every medical emergency will ensure the safety and well being not only of your casualty but you, the first aider, as well.

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What are the roles of the first aider during an emergency situation?

The role of a first aider is to provide immediate, lifesaving, medical care before the arrival of further medical help. This could include performing procedures such as: Placing an unconscious casualty into the recovery position. Performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

What are the 7 steps of first aid?

Terms in this set (7)

  • Take Charge of the Situation.
  • Approach the Patient Safely.
  • Perform Emergency Rescue and Urgent First Aid. DO NOT MOVE THE PATIENT AGAIN UNTILL STEP 7!!!!!
  • Protect the Patient. …
  • Check for Other Injuries.
  • Plan What to Do.
  • Carry Out the Plan.

How do emergencies handle first aid?

use a coat or blanket to keep them warm. don‘t give them anything to eat or drink. give them lots of comfort and reassurance. monitor the person – if they stop breathing, start CPR and re-alert the emergency services.