Should I go to urgent care for stress fracture?

Should you go to the emergency room for stress fracture?

Even if you don’t see any clear signs of a bone fracture, you still want to see an urgent care doctor soon. You could have a stress fracture somewhere in your foot. Learning more about stress fractures of the foot can help you determine whether or not urgent care treatment is the best option for you.

Does urgent care handle fractures?

Fractures and broken bones always require immediate medical attention. Our Urgent Care can provide treatment needed for a fracture, but the treatment will vary based on the location and seriousness of it. Some bone injuries may only need a cast, while others may require surgery.

How do you detect a stress fracture?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

An MRI is considered the best way to diagnose stress fractures. It can visualize lower grade stress injuries (stress reactions) before an X-ray shows changes. This type of test is also better able to distinguish between stress fractures and soft tissue injuries.

Does a stress fracture hurt when resting?

What are the symptoms of a stress fracture? Pain is usually felt over the injured area and tends to develop over a few weeks. It is typically worse when putting weight on the injured area and better when resting. As it gets worse, the pain can start to be present when at rest and at night.

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Should you walk on a stress fracture?

Doctors do not recommend walking when you have a stress fracture because it may reopen the partially healed fracture, and you may have to begin the recovery process again. Although you can walk, doctors would recommend staying away from hard surfaces and not walking long distances.

How bad is a stress fracture?

Stress fractures may not be as serious or painful as other broken bones, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Left untreated, the tiny cracks can lead to potentially serious complications that interfere with your everyday life. And all fractures require expert care for proper healing.

Where do you go for fractures?

If you think you may have fractured a bone, but aren’t experiencing any of the symptoms usually associated with bone fractures you may want to go to an Urgent Care provider and have them check your injury.

Where should I go for a broken bone?

Normally, broken bones of the hand, wrist, ankle, or foot may be treated at the local urgent care center. On the other hand, the severity of the injury even though they are only located on the limbs might warrant a trip to the emergency room.

Do you need to go to the hospital for a fracture?

When in doubt, ask a professional. Some fractures can wait to be examined by your doctor or an urgent care. But, if you can see the fractured bone protruding through the skin, or if your limb is misaligned or mangled due to trauma don’t hesitate to get to the nearest ER or call 911.

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