What caused the 911 outage in Washington state?

Why was there a 911 outage?

2018 outage that lasted 65 minutes. The FCC found that incident was the result of a West Safety technician bungling a configuration change to the company’s 911 routing network.

Is 911 working in Washington State?

All 911 centers in Washington are currently working to upgrade their systems in order to accept Text-to-911. The State E911 Coordinator’s Office (SECO) is working with all counties to eventually provide the service statewide.

Has there ever been a 911 outage?

In 1996, a hailstorm knocked out 911 service. In fairness, however, it should also be noted that aside from localized outages, 911 held up well during the San Francisco earthquake of 1989. Even when the lights flickered in the communications center, the telephones continued to ring and be answered.

Which states have 911 outages?

Emergency services across at least 14 US states have reported outages of their 911 lines on Monday. Issues were reported by police departments in counties across Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Is 911 working in Seattle?

The Seattle Police 9-1-1 Call Center handles all emergency calls for the city of Seattle and is the busiest emergency call center in the state. Located in downtown Seattle, the call center provides 24/7 coverage to the city, and dispatchers work five different shifts.

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How much do 911 operators make in Washington?

The median salary for 911 operators in Washington is a truly impressive $56,900, which is more than $16,000 above the national average of $40,660. The top 10% here earn $76,330.

Why can’t I call 911 from my cell phone?

While cell phones have rendered many people’s landline phones obsolete, there is a major limitation to calling 911 with a cell phone. … The most important piece of information to a dispatcher is an exact location, something cell phones do not provide to dispatchers. “Those calls of course hit off of a cell tower.