What genre is the paramedic?

Is the paramedic worth watching?

The Paramedic is certainly well made, but Ángel is such an unlikeable protagonist that some of the sequences involving his revenge plots – and general existence – feel grueling and unpleasant to endure.

What did the ending of the paramedic mean?

The ending of the film showed that Angel got what he has wished for other characters. But when it comes to Vane, her character could have possibly thought of two things. Revenge: The ending could also mean that Vane wanted to seek revenge from him. She would torture him how he tortured her.

Is the paramedic on Netflix scary?

The film, which is an intense foray into paranoia and suspense, is titled The Paramedic. It’s a Spanish psychological horror film that, as of this writing, has crawled all the way to the #4 spot of Netflix’s most watched movies. … In fact, many who have seen the film have found the lead character to be rather despicable.

Where was the paramedic Netflix filmed?

The Paramedic, the new Netflix film starring Mario Casas (Adiós, Palm Trees in the snow, Three steps above heaven) and directed by Carles Torras (Callback, Open 24h, Trash, Youth), is being shot in different locations in Catalunya such as Barcelona, Badalona and Lleida and it’s filming will be extended for two more …

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Where is El Practicante filmed?

The film stars Mario Casas and is being shot in different locations in Catalonia, such as Barcelona, Badalona and Lleida. Ángel (Mario Casas) works as a health emergency technician in an ambulance. After suffering an accident, his life with his partner Vane (Déborah François) begins to crumble.

Where do angels sleep?

When Angels Sleep (Spanish: Cuando los ángeles duermen) is a 2018 Spanish thriller drama film written and directed by Gonzalo Bendala. The plot revolves around Germán (Julián Villagrán), a businessman who accidentally hits a teenage girl, Gloria (Asia Ortega), with his car after falling asleep at the wheel.