What makes emergency medicine unique?

What are the pros of emergency medicine?


  • Feeling like a “real” doctor. Emergency physicians are trained to handle virtually any emergency. …
  • Making the diagnosis. EDs have become the diagnostic centers for the healthcare system. …
  • Variety. …
  • Flexible schedule. …
  • Chance to build teamwork and relationships. …
  • Compensation. …
  • Stress level. …
  • Difficult patients.

Why is emergency medicine a specialty?

Emergency medicine is the specialty that focuses on the recognition, evaluation, and care of patients who are acutely ill or injured. It is a high-pressure, fast-paced and diverse specialty that requires a broad base of medical knowledge and a variety of well-honed clinical and technical skills.

Are ER doctors respected?

Emergency Medicine physicians provide valuable clinical, administrative, and leadership services to the emergency department and other sectors of the health care delivery system. They are among the most respected doctors, due to the nature of their work and the level of stress that they must endure regularly.

Why do you want to work in ER?

In the hustle and bustle of the emergency room, it is often an all-hands-on-deck situation. In this environment, ER Nurses have more freedom to decide how to treat their patients than in other units. Having to work with critical patients, you learn quickly how to adapt to urgent situations and work autonomously.

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What is it like working in emergency medicine?

Working in an emergency room (ER) requires astute assessment skills, flexibility and the ability to function in a high stress department. Highly skilled, compassionate healthcare providers staff the emergency department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why do you love emergency nursing?

They love the autonomy.

In the hustle and bustle of the emergency room, it’s often an all-hands-on-deck situation. In this environment, nurses have more freedom to decide how to treat their patients than in other units. … As one ER nurse puts it, “I like the autonomy — being able to decide what to do for a patient.

When did emergency medicine become a specialty?

In 1972 just four years after the founding of ACEP, the American Medical Association (AMA) recognized emergency medicine as a specialty and created the AMA Section of Interest on emergency medicine.

Can you Specialise in emergency medicine?

Sub-Specialty Training

The broad base of Emergency Medicine means that there is huge scope to develop a specialist interest in almost anything you can think of. … There are two recognised sub-specialties, Paediatric EM and Pre-Hospital EM, and trainees can also dual-accredit in Intensive Care Medicine.

Are ER doctors happy?

The average happiness score for all physicians who responded was 3.96, which is on the cheerful side. Emergency medicine physicians were even happier: With a score of 4.01, they were the fifth-happiest physicians.