Which ambulance service covers Surrey?

What areas do SECAmb cover?

Did you know? South East Coast Ambulance service: Covers a geographical area of 3,600 square miles (Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, and North East Hampshire)

Which ambulance service covers Guildford?

South Central Ambulance Service are proud to support the…

What does SCAS cover?

We serve the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire. This area covers approximately 3,554 square miles, with a residential population of over four million people. Demand for SCAS services is increasing every year.

Where is SECAmb based?

The Trust Headquarters in based in Crawley and a regional office in Coxheath, Maidstone. The Trust has two emergency operations centre (EOC) where 999 calls are received, clinical advice provided and emergency vehicles dispatched if needed.

What ambulance service covers Chichester?

South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust is here to help you in an emergency.

How many employees does SECAmb have?

SECAmb now employs just under 3,500 staff and serves a population of 5 million. In an average year the Trust receives 1 million 999 calls, 1.1 million 111 calls and covers 15 million miles responding to our patients.

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