Who is Enzo 911?

Is Gwen’s baby Owens?

The baby is still on the way, but the couple now knows Owen is not the father. … Owen crept over her shoulder, and the two learned that the father of this baby to be is her ex-husband Enzo. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU… Owen took the news well until he sensed something was off about Gwyn.

What happened to Iris on 911 Lone Star?

Losing her Sister

Three years prior to the series, Michelle’s sister Iris had disappeared after a fight at her ex-boyfriend, Dustin Foster’s house. After an argument, she left in a blue pickup truck, never to be seen again.

What is baby’s name on 911?

At the last minute, Maddie chooses to name her Jee-Yun, after Chimney’s mother. Hewitt personally loved watching Maddie and Chimney agonize over the choice and seeing what Maddie came up with in the end was truly “perfect.”

How did Captain Vega husband died?

The episode saw Captain Vega return home to discover her husband unresponsive with blood coming out of one of his eyes. It’s soon revealed that he had an aneurysm that they were unable to detect and he passed away as a result.

What does TK stand for in 911 Lone Star?

Ronen Rubinstein as Tyler Kennedy “TK” Strand, a firefighter with the 126. In season 2, he quit being a firefighter and became a paramedic. He’s Captain Owen’s son.

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