Who was Stephen on ambulance tonight?

Who was Stephen in ambulance?

A former finance director at the region’s ambulance trust was under investigation by the NHS when he was hired to the £250,000-a-year role. Stephen Day, 51, was jailed on Thursday for 11 years and five months, for “industrial scale dishonesty” which the judge said had caused “misery, hardship and anxiety to many”.

Who are the paramedics on ambulance?

Meet the paramedics of BBC1’s Ambulance

  • Nat and Nat, Paramedics. Having previously worked in the care sector, Nat G (right) joined the ambulance service aged 34. …
  • Shanie, Call Assessor. …
  • Ozzy, Paramedic. …
  • Mark, Paramedic. …
  • Christine, Paramedic. …
  • James, Paramedic Officer. …
  • Katie, Paramedic.

Is ambulance on BBC tonight?

Ambulance – on BBC One tonight at 9pm.

Who is Stuart Monk?

Stuart Monk – National Program Director – The AHSN Network | LinkedIn.

Are ambulance shows real?

Cameras follow the crews who race to save lives on the ground, taking the viewer directly to the beating heart of our NHS by telling the real story of the highs and lows of the ambulance service.

Who is in an ambulance crew?

The Mobile Intensive Care Unit ambulances are staffed with a Paramedic/Paramedic or Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technician as a minimum. Basic Life Support ambulances are staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians.

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Are ambulance drivers paramedics?

To drive an ambulance, you’ll usually be a qualified ambulance care assistant/patient transport service driver, emergency care assistant, ambulance technician or paramedic. … If you’re working in an emergency, you’ll usually be directly involved in assessing and providing patient care and treatment.

What channel is the new ambulance on tonight?

BBC One – Ambulance – Next on.

What is on BBC TV tonight?


Time TV Show
7:10 pm Strictly Come Dancing Week 5 Results
8:00 pm The Mating Game Freshwater: Timing Is Everything – Season 1 Episode 3
9:00 pm Ridley Road
10:00 pm BBC Weekend News