You asked: How did they make the tsunami in 911?

How many people died in the Santa Monica tsunami?

The death toll was 57, with more than 9,000 injured.

How did 9-1-1 do the tsunami episode?

The giant wave is a digital effect, but 911’s cast and crew also spent weeks in Mexico, building sets to replicate the pier and other parts of Santa Monica and filming in the massive water tanks James Cameron used in the filming of Titanic.

Where do they film the show 9-1-1?

9-1-1 was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

How did they film sink or swim 911?

We built Santa Monica streets in the tanks and filmed them to look they were in seven feet of water,” Minear explained. “When you flood the tank with 42 inches of water, and you have your actors being pulled down 42 inches of raging rapids, it looks like it’s 7 or 10 feet of flooded street.

Did Chris Find buck?

However, their day is quickly ruined when they are both caught up in the tsunami. In “Sink or Swim,” Buck saves Christopher and several other people from being swept up in the rushing water.

What episode of 911 does Athena’s daughter overdose?

In the episode “Sink or Swim”, May is involved in a major car crash along with her mother Athena during the tsunami while they are returning home from a pedicure.

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Could there be a tsunami in Santa Monica?

Newly updated hazard maps show that a tsunami wave has the potential to inundate Santa Monica’s beaches, the pier, sections of Ocean Park, and the entire area of Venice south of Abbot Kinney Boulevard. … There are two types of tsunamis that could strike L.A. County — a local tsunami and a teletsunami.