Can kids fit in back of 911?

Is a 911 a family car?

Porsche 911 Carrera S

The new 992 generation keeps its rear seats, and the boot is bigger than ever, so really, it’s all the family car you could ever need.

Can adults fit in back of 911?

The 911’s sloping roof and tight rear knee room mean its back seats are really only suitable for kids or very small adults – and even then only for short distances. … This is far for a criticism, though, because most of the 911’s rivals don’t have rear seats at all.

Does a Porsche 911 have Isofix?

As standard, each 911 has six airbags and side-impact protection beams integral within the side door structure. There’s also a single Isofix child seat-mounting point on the front passenger seat.

Which Porsche is a family car?

Porsche Macan and Cayenne: Two Models to Please All SUV-Lovers. In just a few years, Porsche became the manufacturer of choice for families. Today, Porsche’s best-selling car is the 2020 Porsche Macan compact SUV.

Can I fit in a Porsche 911?

Porsche 911

This legendary sports car is also my favorite, in no small part because it’s so spacious for tall folks like me. I’ve sampled the 997 and 991 generations and both were excellent fits, with plenty of adjustment at the seat and steering wheel.

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How much room is in the back of a 911?

The 911’s frunk has just 5.1 cubic feet of room. That’s barely enough for a medium-sized cooler or a few shopping bags. On the bright side, the rear seats fold down into a flat shelf that provides a few more cubic feet of space.

Are Porsche 911 seats comfortable?

Seating on the classic 911s is mostly comfortable. While rear seats are hardly comfortable for anyone except kids, front seats have plenty of headroom and legroom for the driver and passenger.