How do I call 911 in Dubai?

Is it free to call ambulance in Dubai?


It’s free to the extent that you don’t have to pay ambulance costs in Dubai out of your pocket since it is covered under all standard medical insurance.

How do I contact the police in Dubai?


  2. Media enquiries.
  3. Other.

How do I call an emergency number from my mobile?

Now, dial 112 – the single emergency helpline number across India

  1. ‘112’ will provide immediate assistance to people on various services like police, fire and women safety.
  2. The emergency number is launched under the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)

Who should I call for Covid emergency?

Call Ministry of Health and Prevention on 800-11111, Department of Health – Abu Dhabi on 800-1717 or Dubai Health Authority on 800-342 for COVID-19 related health services.

Is an ambulance free in UAE?

Call for the ambulance on 998 (from anywhere in the UAE). In case of emergency, treatment to stabilise the case is free. … Other treatment must be paid for by cash, credit card or insurance.

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How do I call an ambulance in Dubai?

Emergency phone numbers

999 for Police. 998 for Ambulance. 997 for Fire Department (Civil Defence)

How do I make a complaint to police in Dubai?

Registering a complaint against Dubai Police is simple. Those wishing to do so can call the hotline on 901 or visit and follow the instructions provided.

How can I complain to police in UAE?

Call 999 to report crimes and emergencies while anywhere in the UAE. You can also report through the following channels in the respective emirate. For incidents related to harassment or safety, contact: Abu Dhabi Police through their Aman service on 8002626 or send SMS to 8002828.

What is a police code 999?

10-106 = Secure. 10-200 = Alarm. 10-999 = Officer down / officer needs help immediately. This is an SOS alert that requires immediate attention. In a situation where an officer is down, all available units will respond.

How does dial 112 work?

If you require emergency assistance from Police, Fire & Rescue, Health and other services, you may :

  1. Dial 112 from your phone;
  2. Press power button on your smart phone 3 times quickly to activate Panic call;
  3. In case of feature phone, long press ‘5’ or ‘9’ key to activate Panic call;