How do I register for St John’s Ambulance?

How do I join St John’s Ambulance?

Our recruitment process

  1. Send an application. Once you’ve decided on a volunteer role, you can apply for it online by finding a vacancy near you. …
  2. Meet with us. You’ll be invited to have a conversation about volunteering at a selection event or in an interview, if your application is successful. …
  3. Induction and training.

Are St Johns Ambulance courses free?

Our free first aid workshops can help raise awareness of the importance of first aid in your organisation or at a local event.

What is SJA connect?

SJA Connect is a health, safety and leadership development program for youth aged 14 to 19 offered by St. John Ambulance Canada. … Our mission is to assist youth in developing personal life-long health and safety habits and to become confident community leaders.

What is St John’s Ambulance service?

St John Ambulance is the name of a number of affiliated organisations in different countries which teach and provide first aid and emergency medical services, and are primarily staffed by volunteers. The associations are overseen by the international Order of St John and its priories (national branches).

When can you join St Johns Ambulance?

Our roles are open to applicants over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you can get involved with one of our fantastic youth programmes.

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How much does a first aid course cost UK?

First Aid Course Price List

Course Title No Days in classroom Course Fee
First Aid at Work Re-Qualification 2days £110.00
Emergency First Aid at Work 1day £80.00
CPR & AED 4 hours £65.00
Mental Health Awareness 3.5 hours £75.00

Can first aid training be done online?

Typically, online first aid courses will explain all of the procedure and knowledge behind administering first aid. Much of this does not require practical application, as the information is around recognising symptoms and understanding what you can do until further, more technical medical help is given.

What does St Johns do?

St John is a major international charity that provides first aid, health care and support services in more than 40 countries around the world. Together they make up the Order of St John, which is accredited to the United Nations.