Is the little clinic considered urgent care?

What can little clinic treat?

The Little Clinic locations are staffed with board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants authorized to diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions for many common illnesses such as bronchitis, sinus infections, seasonal allergies and the flu.

What is the little clinic King Soopers?

DENVER, Colo. — The Little Clinic, the retail health clinic company operating inside select King Soopers across the Front Range, is adding two clinics this week. … The clinics provide care for common family illness and minor injuries, health screenings, vaccinations, physicals, immunizations and much more.

Does the little clinic check for UTI?

Urinary Infections

The Little Clinic can perform this service in all locations.

Can I go to the little clinic for a yeast infection?

If you think you might have a yeast infection, a MinuteClinic® provider can assess your symptoms and determine if they are due to a yeast infection or another vaginal infection. Your provider can help you come up with a treatment plan to get relief and can talk with you about preventing yeast infections in the future.

Can little clinic treat pink eye?

What to expect? The Little Clinic can help distinguish the cause of the pink eye and make certain it is not something more serious such as a corneal abrasion (scratch of the eye) or ulcer. We can even prescribe the appropriate medication if indicated.

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What does Kroger little clinic treat?

The Little Clinic is staffed by board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants trained to treat a variety of common illnesses, minor injuries, physicals and preventive care. We are a convenient and affordable option for the whole family.

What is Kroger health?

Kroger Health, the healthcare arm of The Kroger Co., is one of America’s leading retail healthcare organizations, with over 2,300 pharmacies and 11 specialty pharmacies nationwide, and 200 clinics.