What is a Category 1 ambulance call?

What is a Category 1 call?

Category 1 – Calls from people with life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

What is a Category 2 call?

Category 2 ambulance calls are those that are classed as an emergency for a potentially serious condition that may require rapid assessment, urgent on-scene intervention and/or urgent transport. For example, a person may have had a heart attack or stroke, or be suffering from sepsis or major burns.

Is a seizure a Category 1 call?

The traditional category A model

It includes conditions such as cardiac arrest and when a person has no pulse or is not breathing, all the way through to strokes, seizures and road traffic accidents.

What is emergency transport level1?

Level 1 (ALS1) is the transportation by ground ambulance vehicle and the provision of medically necessary supplies and services including the provision of an ALS assessment or at least one ALS intervention.

What is a cat 2 in hospital?

Emergency (triage category 2) is for conditions that could be life threatening and require prompt attention such as chest pain or possible stroke. Patients in this category should be seen within 10 minutes of presenting to the emergency department.

What are the four levels of ambulance services?

Ambulance Transports: Levels of Service

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Life Support, Level 1 (
  • Advanced Life Support, Level 2 (
  • Specialty Care Transport (SCT)
  • Paramedic Intercept (PI)
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What is the most common call for ambulance?


  • Traumatic injury. 21.4%
  • Abdominal pain / problems. 12.3%
  • Respiratory distress. 12.2%
  • Chest pain / discomfort. 10.1%
  • Behavioral / psychiatric disorder. 7.8%
  • Loss of consciousness / fainting. 7.7%
  • Altered level of consciousness. 6.9%
  • Seizure. 4.7%

Why would you need 2 ambulances?

By allowing ambulance call handlers a little more time to determine what is wrong with a patient, it ensures that stroke patients can be identified and that the right vehicle – a two crew ambulance – can be sent out immediately to get the patient to hospital quickly and safely so that they can be treated at a stroke …

What are the ambulance codes?

Job Codes List

  • Zero 1: – Clear the air, urgent message.
  • Code 1: – Officer in trouble, require police assistance urgently.
  • Code 2: – Cardiac arrest.
  • Code 3: – Doctor required to meet ambulance on arrival at Hospital.
  • Code 4: – Patient deceased. …
  • Code 5: – Arriving hospital with D.O.A. for certification.

What is classed as an emergency service?

There are three primary emergency services that can be summoned directly by the public:

  • Police — law enforcement, criminal investigation, and maintenance of public order. …
  • Fire and Rescue Services — fire suppression, technical rescue, and hazardous materials mitigation.