What’s another name for urgent care?

What is another name for urgent care?

Urgent care center, walk-in clinic, immediate care clinic, retail clinic, convenient care clinic; the terms are used often interchangeably these days.

What is the another word of urgent?

In this page you can discover 88 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for urgent, like: imperative, necessary, critical, dire, hesitant, importunate, pressing, important, called for, emergent and impetuous.

What does urgent mean in medical terms?

What is Considered an Urgent Medical Condition? Urgent medical conditions are ones that are not considered emergencies but still require care within 24 hours. Some examples include: Accidents and falls.

Is urgent care the same as walk-in clinic?

An urgent care center is very similar to a walk-in clinic, but with additional capabilities. … Usually these facilities also have X-ray equipment on site and are able to handle more severe conditions like broken bones or burns, which walk-in clinics typically do not take on.

What is the nearest meaning of urgent?

compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; dire; pressing: an urgent matter. insistent or earnest in solicitation; importunate, as a person: an urgent pleader.

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What is another way to say not urgent?

not urgent > synonyms

»no emergency exp. »no hurry exp. »no rush exp. »no urgency exp.

What does urgently mean in English?

1a : calling for immediate attention : pressing urgent appeals an urgent need. b : conveying a sense of urgency. 2 : urging insistently : importunate.

Is urgent or emergent more serious?

Resolution: Although emergent and urgent both indicate calls for swift action, urgent is more, well, urgent.

What counts as urgent care?

Urgent Care is when you need medical attention for an acute illness or injury. The ailment or injury that requires attention, but isn’t quite severe enough for a trip to the emergency department.

What are the most urgent medical emergencies?

Here are some of the most common medical emergencies that people experience:

  • Bleeding. Cuts and wounds cause bleeding, but severe injury can also cause internal bleeding that you can’t see. …
  • Breathing difficulties. …
  • Someone collapses. …
  • Fit and/or epileptic seizure. …
  • Severe pain. …
  • Heart attack. …
  • A stroke.