Who invented the ambulance match?

What is a Ambulance match?

An Ambulance match is fought under hardcore rules, no pinfalls, no submissions, no disqualifications, no countouts and the only way to win is for one wrestler to force their opponent into the back of an ambulance and close the door. There have only been five known Ambulance Matches in WWE.

What is a Lumberjack Match WWE?

A Lumberjack match is a match in which the ring is surrounded by a group of fellow wrestlers, known collectively as the lumberjacks, who are there ostensibly to prevent either of the competitors from leaving the ring (avoiding a beating and, in the process, taking a count out loss).

What are Cold matches in wrestling?

For those that aren’t aware of what a “cold match” is, it’s an unofficial term for a match that has no storyline or background to it. For example, when WWE produces a match between Liv Morgan on Carmella for the first time, there’s not really a reason these two would want to fight each other.

What is a WWE unsanctioned match?

An Unsanctioned match is any match expected to go so far that beforehand the wrestling organization (kayfabe) claims no responsibility for the participants or their safety. The winner is the wrestler who beats up their opponent so much that the referee has to get involved in the match and break it up.

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